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     soil and overburden evaluations are provided by a team of geologists and soil scientists with over 40 years of experience.  They are supervised by John Sturm and John Freeman, who are registered certified soil scientists.  Both Sturm and Freeman performed much of the research at West Virginia University which led to "State of the Art" overburden testing techniques detailed in Field and Laboratory Methods Applicable to Overburdens and Minesoils (EPA 600/2-78-054).  SES reports identify materials both toxic and favorable in the overburden so that material handling scenarios can be developed for environmentally sound mining practices.  Services include:

Complete overburden analysis

Core logging and strata identification

Acid-base accounting

Slake durability index determinations

Nutrient and heavy metals analysis

Evaluation of burial of toxic overburden

Physical properties testing

Evaluation for topsoil substitutes

Problematic evaluation of soils and minesoils

ASTM and EPA leaching studies

Material handling reports

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